About Us

At Puzzle Master, our goal is to publish the funnest and most interesting puzzle books in the world.

We offer a wide variety of different styles of puzzles including several types of Sudoku, as well as lesser known puzzles such as Nonograms, KenKen, Kakuro, Cryptograms, and many others.

Try for FREE!

We offer short, downloadable, “try-before-you-buy” versions of all our puzzles. Getting a bit bored after your 1000th Sudoku? Try something new. You can download and print these short books for free to find your new favorite type of puzzle!

Exercise Your Brain

As they say, “The brain is like a muscle – use it or lose it”. Research has shown that exercising your brain, with things like logic puzzles, is a great way to keep your mind young!

Fun for Everyone

Puzzle Master is full of friendly games and puzzles that can entertain people of all ages – perfect for the whole family.

Your kids will love our simpler versions of Sudoku such as the 4×4 or 6×6 Sudoku, while puzzle veterans may like to try something new and challenging like the giant Samurai Sudoku.